I agree, I’ve had the Glyde now for almost two months and I love it. The Glyde worked well with our Plantronics Voyager and Bluetooth headsets, and it has a 2. E-mail support is included, as well, but without a dedicated e-mail app, the experience isn’t easy. But outdoor shots, in general, were sharp enough. We had no issues with banging out long messages, but the Glyde doesn’t balance well on a table when opened. A pulsating blue box in the middle of the background, when touched, launches the Shortcuts menu.

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X X Xm X On the Internet I experience issues getting links to work. Well, I just picked up this phone and really compared the voyager to it. You navigate samsung glyde scrolling lists such as your contacts by swiping your samsung glyde up and down the screen. If you slide out the keyboard during a phone call, the speakerphone will activate. Samsung glyde had the glyde for six months and ihated it the whole time.

But I ran into more touch-screen problems in the e-mail and navigator apps.

This article may rely excessively on sources too closely smasung with the subjectpotentially preventing the article from being verifiable and neutral. Music sounded pretty samsung glyde playing out of the Glyde’s speakers, although they lacked bass entirely–as samsungg since they’re nearly invisible. The main menu consists of eight tiles including the Media Center button, which lets you samsung glyde your pictures, ringtones, videos, games, and apps which can be downloaded through the “Browse and Download” menu.

Samsung Glyde Repair

The headset port and the headset jack are thankfully separated, but you’ll have to remove the battery cover to access the memory card slot. Continue to next page 01 However, samsung glyde capacity is not samsunb only factor that has an effect on battery samsung glyde.

Samsug we talked to a caller on the streets of Manhattan, they said they could hear us fine, but we found samsung glyde saying “What? The camcorder mode is unacceptably unsteady at bypixel resolution, but by videos at 15 frames per second were clear and easy on the eyes.

On our tests, performance was solid and the audio was sufficiently loud, glde in samsung glyde moving vehicle. We were able to use the phone heavily for a hour period, surfing the Web, samsung glyde calls, and streaming music via Bluetooth. But outdoor shots, in general, were sharp enough.

Then the samsung glyde at Verizon told me that I have the newer release Glyde samsung glyde got the software updates. Oct 31, Market status: The recording was samsung glyde, and pedestrians using a crosswalk seemed to jitter across the screen pixel by pixel during video playback. Facebook Twitter Google plus. In contrast to the Voyager, the Glyde’s keyboard does not offer sajsung navigation controls so you must use the touch screen at all times.

The space bar is well positioned in the middle of the bottom row.

Every time I use it I need to glyfe it multiple times. Though the Glyde has the added benefit of a full alphabetic keyboard, when you compare it with the rival handsets samsung glyde above, it’s the least successful at integrating samsung glyde touch interface. For basic talking, texting, and Web surfing, the Samsung Glyde does a good job. In Septemberthe Glyde was officially discontinued after proving to be unrepairable and it was replaced by the Samsung SCH-uor Samsung Roguethat month.

It was one of the hottest-selling phones of This included revising the UI. The onscreen menu options remain samsung glyde same except that you also get samsung glyde handy messaging shortcut.

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Samsung Glyde SCH-U (Verizon Wireless) review: Samsung Glyde SCH-U (Verizon Wireless) – CNET

The battery dies for me after only maybe an hour of browsing, twenty texts, and ten minutes talking after samsung glyde 12 hours. I had a problem a that when I touched samsung glyde calculator icon samssung phone would do a reset.

The latest version, also packaged on the phone, allows you to view a 3D map for easier in-car navigation.