Remove one screw securing the top cover assembly. This is primarily because the optical drive is front loading, which makes it more accessible when placed in a cupboard with your other AV equipment. Features such as superior quality of display are expected if you are forking out a lot for a multimedia laptop and Toshiba has achieved an extremely high standard in the 17in screen of its Qosmio G40 10E. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Toshiba Notebooks im Notebookshop. Meanwhile the crisp 17in screen offering a resolution of x looks wonderful and has an excellent viewing angle. Please, switch off ad blockers.

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Remove three screws securing the heat sink bracket. Toshiba g40 28 It’s better to leave the LED board cable attached to the motherboard because the connector is located on the tosihba part of the motherboard and it’s hard toshiba g40 access it. A remote control is included.

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Naturally a VGA port is available for connecting to a computer monitor. A fingerprint scanner is located between the mouse buttons and the power button is just above the volume control. Remove card toshiba g40 the slot. Disconnect the brown antenna cable from the Bluetooth card. I pointed to this cable with a green arrow.

As expected of a high-end laptop, build quality is toshhiba. You have to remove both, the bottom cover and speaker. Toshiba’s Qosmio was the first laptop range to provide more than just mobile computing. As you see, the LED board cable is not attached to the motherboard in my case because I overlooked it. Remove the hard drive 1 cover. In gaming tests it survived but toshiba g40 not be considered an enthusiast’s toshiba g40 machine. STEP 33 Remove three toshiba g40 securing the heat sink bracket and remove the bracket.

The new look of the Qosmio G40 is more vibrant than its predecessor; the keyboard and the surrounding area of the chassis is white, while the rest toshiba g40 a glossy tpshiba black.

toshiba g40 PC Advisor Although affordability is often a key concern when choosing a laptop, if you want the very best performance it can be worth spending a bit extra. STEP 17 Disconnect all cables pointed with arrows.

Also supplied is an IR extender, which can be placed in line-of-site of your remote, even if the bulk of toshiba g40 unit is hidden behind a cupboard door or other obstruction.

Removing the modem card.

Lift up the hard drive and disconnect it from the cable. Please, switch off ad blockers. Another silver control pad on the right of the keyboard toshiba g40 the AV controller. Also, on this picture you can see where toshiba g40 CMOS battery is located.

Toshiba Qosmio G | TechRadar

STEP 1 Turn off the laptop toshiba g40 remove the battery. Disconnect three cables pointed with yellow arrows. The clip toshiga stay attached. They’re firmly attached and move with a precise action. The keyboard is excellent, with comfortable and well-spaced keys. I just removed the toshiba g40 without disconnecting the cable.

Toshiba G40

At lower settings it should run faster. Each toshiba g40 and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. The new look is nice and the other enhancements make this notebook a better choice than its toshiba g40. STEP 11 Foshiba all cable pointed with arrows. Would you buy this?