Abhishek Certified Buyer 18 Oct, I was really worried that it wouldn’t work with the outdated system. Whenever i connect it with my router after 30 min its disconnected. Well, the new one gets over 12 Mbps! Doing this brought the USB adapter right up and working. I pay for 8Mbps cable internet. I ordered 2days ago.

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Not sure how that works, but im happy.

This one wirelesss only detected it easily but had 3 bars indicating a very stable connection. Select all [b]yum install kernel-ml The previous adaptors I tried had a hard time detecting my wireless signal my wifi router is one floor below.

Time for me to be busy elsewhere. Maybe I complicated things because I selected the Desktop install and then added a number of additional packages to be able to run as a development server.

After noting that I have not had good luck with Netgear I was told by a tech to load the adptor only. It was exceptional even behind 2 walls in my case.

I am running windows 7 64 bit. Kajal Mondal Certified Buyer 18 Sep, The line that is of relevance is — Code: Netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor have a wureless router and this being the same company works realy well. Not to load the software. Yes, I see the date and time Great price for a great product.

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The product doesn’t have the bandwidth for anything except basic web surfing. I recieve it early – followed instructions and it worked great. Card Reader Bus Netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor Makarand Dongare Certified Buyer 17 Nov, Select all Bus Device I bought this yesterday for an older desktop computer.

Both the router and USB device itself is a great product from Netgear.

WNA1100 – N150 Wireless USB Adapter

netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor As soon as I read the back of the box I returned it. DabbleTech, March 18, Karthikeyan P Certified Buyer 27 Apr, Works great, no issues. Hiya, January 12, Windows 7 found the adapter and we were up and running in minutes.

The support wreless that I like CentOS even more!

Sameer Kokate Certified Buyer 8 Nov, Lowest I seen netgear n150 wireless usb adaptor drop was 2 bars but wirless usually at a solid 4. If it has an alternate means of connecting to the Internet, as rootperform the following — Code: Connection runs Hulu shows well, plenty fast enough for most users. Reinstalling the kernel seems pretty scary to a Windows refugee, what do i do?!

Netgear N Wireless WNA – Netgear :

Got the delivery today. Can somebody please help? But at least this time I could reboot and select the kernel-ml boot.