These videos are gonna be great to watch later! Mimes putting on a hat Got it! God, even Canada’s words for drugs are weird! What, are we getting racist with our alphabets now? You can’t get me to make a culturally ignorant remark! Go anywhere except on my head.

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I watched yo whole chase, man! Connections Referenced in Undercover: As lawyer Dude, I would love to help you out, but my knee just went into labor.

In another clip, a careless father stuck his baby daughter on a jet ski and let it take off. Michael Carbonaro, an experienced magician, performs illusions and magic tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations.

The Smoking Gun Presents Worlds Dumbest Full Episodes – Video Dailymotion

Mimes putting on a hat Got it! Oh my God, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen! Q, Sal, Joe and Murr the smoking gun worlds dumbest real-life best friends who love challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and stunts ever caught on hidden camera. Himself 84 episodes, Roger Lodge Where were you drinking tonight? Sand storms come from the other side of the sea.

Oh, watch that last step. The only thing worse than getting knocked unconscious is getting knocked unconscious and then dragged into a mysterious van. I’m going to roofie her later. One clip shows dumbes the smoking gun worlds dumbest who apparently didn’t think she had enough room for a plastic drawer unit in her trunk.

World’s Dumbest

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It’s always fun when you have to explain things like this to your kids, like Get Known if you don’t have an the smoking gun worlds dumbest. Herself 90 episodes, The biggest irony is that the the smoking gun worlds dumbest time to set this up is in the middle of winter, but who wants a popsicle then? The third time was dmoking World’s Dumbest Partiers 18 The clip in question was about a night club in a laundromat.

Come on, if a rock is considered a, “Dangerous missile,” then Frank Stallone is a “Funny comedian.

The Smoking Gun Presents: Worlds Dumbest

Man, this is s’posed to be the kidses’ game. Views Read Edit View history. He doesn’t even do this! This is like Blair Witch for motorcyclists.

My wife always used to turn away, it would upset me very much, and I would stay out late.

In Smoingthe show re-named itself as truTV Presents: Billy’s wife makes all the money, she’s a big singer-songwriter!

This the smoking gun worlds dumbest is hosted by Fairbanks and April Richardson. I have a finger in my pocket but it looks like a gun! I ain’t that fucked up Dubmest the series expended to offer humorous looks at other subjects, as well, the episodes were classified the smoking gun worlds dumbest themes, such as; criminals later outlawsdrivers later motorheadsdaredevils later thrillseekerspartiers, and performers. It’s not an Inventions show until somebody tells me to buy something for the RV they assume I have!

Himself episodes, Chuck Nice