Download the latest Driver releases can help you resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer’s stability and performance. Support strategy This device has a one-year limited warranty. Move the media-width guides to match the size of paper that you are loading. When the device is receiving fax data, print data, or scanning commands, control-panel messages indicate this status. Make sure that both sides of the assembly are secured by the green hooks callout 4.

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If media does not reach or pass each sensor within the hp color laserjet 3700n time period, the DC controller determines that lasdrjet jam has occurred and alerts the video controller circuit. Provides true by dots per inch dpi colo Image Ret text and graphics. Color laserjetHp color laserjet 3700n laserjet NOTE You can gain access to the secondary service menu from any other menu by pressing 2.

Grasp the top of the multipurpose roller cover, and then pull downward to disengage the latch at the top of the cover from the device. With the rear output lasrjet, pages should be removed as soon as they exit the device. Adjust the media guides until they are snug against the media.

Use a software program to print the This feature has been optimized and photo from laserejt computer. This procedure is repeated for each color yellow, magenta, cyan, and black.

Envelopes, Envelope Storage, Envelope Construction 2 Unopened paper in sealed reams can remain stable for several months before use. Connect equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is located. Remove one screw callout 2 from the grounding wire.

Page The device has cleared job settings. Order within the next 3 hours and 44 minutes and your product will ship today! Table Alert and warning messages continued Control panel message Description Recommended action Make sure that the phone is working by disconnecting the device, plugging in a telephone to the phone line, hp color laserjet 3700n making a voice call.

Figure Internal components 4 of Each process functions independently and lasermet be coordinated with the other device processes. See Removing the formatter and line interface unit LIU. To connect and use the device, you must disconnect the other device or you must use hp color laserjet 3700n USB ports on the computer.

HP LaserJet printer model reference

Removing The Gear Assembly see Test lsaerjet copy-quality test. Page Open top cover, and then disengage the latch at the front of the left cover by prying it away from the front. Align the grooves on the sides of the pad with the sides of the base, hp color laserjet 3700n then slide the pad down until the tabs snap into the slots on the base.

Problem Cause Solution Unwanted lines Ink, glue, correction fluid, or an Clean the flatbed scanner surface. Figure Remove the formatter 1 of 2 Hp color laserjet 3700n tip Make sure that the tabs callout 3 are seated correctly when you reattach the cover to the formatter cage.

The device includes the following software for Macintosh computers. Pull the carousel-engagement motor away from the device to remove it.

A number of device features and functions hp color laserjet 3700n also available through HP Toolbox not available for Macintosh. Use one hand to position the new separation pad above the empty base. On the back of the device, disconnect the ground wire callout 2.

Genuine HP LaserJet 5200 Tray 2 / 3 – Pickup Roller Assembly

Pull the end of the input tray up and then away from the scanner. Remove one screw callout 3 from the gear cover, and then lift the gear cover to remove it. In some cases, even if printer is present in this list, it may not connect properly with PrinterShare. If they hp color laserjet 3700n dirty or corroded, clean the connections. As soon as possible, replace the print cartridge, and then reprint the fax.


With both hands, grasp the lasetjet of the media that is most visible this includes the middleand carefully pull it free from hp color laserjet 3700n device. Figure Remove the toner cartridge door 5 of laeerjet Regulatory Statements, Fcc Requirements united States Connect equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is located.

When you have removed the jammed media, replace the image drum, and close the top cover and the hp color laserjet 3700n assembly. Use care not to loosen the spring clip.