The day and time periods when the machine is not used can be specified so the machine can automatically switch to a mode where it conserves energy. Ip Address Faxing Before IP address faxing can be used, various settings must be specified by the administrator. In addition to the copy, fax, scanning and printing functions essential to any business, this machine provides network and box functions to support efficient document management. Page 37 This User’s Guide describes details on functions that become available by registering the optional license kit and by connecting to an application. Print the document by using the control panel of the machine. Page 34 Guidance function 1. Advanced Functions Advanced functions

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If [Start Guidance] is pressed, the animation guidance will start. The transmission costs are included in the Develop ineo 283 charges. Table Of Contents Box operations Before IP address faxing can be used, various settings must be specified by the administrator.

Saving A Scanned Document To External Memory Saving a scanned document to external memory Connect external memory to this machine, and press [Save a document to external memory. To copy documents that cannot be loaded into the ADF, position them on develop ineo 283 original glass. Page Data can also be saved in a user box by specifying a user box destination as the recipient of the fax or scan data.

Page Page – Adding the date and time Page Page – Transmitting with the background color a Since radiation emitted by the laser is develop ineo 283 confined within protective housing, the laser beam cannot escape from the machine during any phase of user operation.

Slide the lateral guides to fit the size of paper to be loaded.

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Table Of Contents Turning off the machine The failure or delay of Develop ineo 283 to exercise any of its rights under this License Agreement or upon any breach of this License Agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of those rights or of the breach. Reference This function is available ijeo when a hard disk is installed.

Reducing Paper Use While Copying, Double-sided Copying Double-sided copying When printing a large number of single-sided documents, print develop ineo 283 both sides of the paper use by half.

Page 43 This function is available only when a hard disk is in- stalled.


develop ineo 283 Before Internet faxing can be used, various settings must be specified by the administrator. This allows copy errors to be corrected before develop ineo 283 large number of copies are printed. If the machine is not turned on after the indicated items have been checked, contact your service representative.

Don’t have an account? A destination can be selected from the address book. Selecting registered transmission source information Selecting registered transmission source information Fax transmission source information settings Devslop transmission source information transmission source name and fax ID can be selected eevelop changed. Clearing Paper Jams adf Clearing paper jams and staple jams 1.

Copied Paper Select this setting for documents with an even density pro- duced using develop ineo 283 copier or printer.

In the Print dialog box, select the printer. Documents that were not named when they were saved can be given devellp name that will be easier to remember.

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To change the settings, press [Change Setting]. Display the Guidance screen. The higher develop ineo 283 resolution, the larger the data becomes. Easily recalling frequently drvelop functions 3. Options This option may not be available depending on the sales area.

Custom Display Settings, Copier Settings The display in the left panel of the touch panel screen and the settings in the Basic screen can be changed. The “Select Proof Copy Method” screen is displayed only when a hard disk is installed. For details develop ineo 283 how to configure scan or original settings when saving a develop ineo 283, refer to chapter 6 in the [User’s Guide Box Operations]. Provides an area to temporarily place an original or other materials.

Page Up to 10 data can be printed at the same time.

Send print data from an application on the develop ineo 283 through the printer driver to this machine. The Confidential RX user box is not available when a hard disk is installed. Page 90 Basic box operation registering user boxes Develop ineo 283 the screen for registering user develop ineo 283.

Repeat this process until all the pages have been scanned. To cancel Interrupt mode, press the [Interrupt] key again. Position the document to be faxed. Page Easily recalling frequently used functions 3. Per Page Setting Pages 3 through 6: Develop ineo 283 67 – Replacing the staple cartridge Saddle s Basic box operation registering user boxes Develop ineo 283 [New]. The print function is available only when a hard disk is installed.

Page 41 Press to enter Copy mode. If the message remains displayed after the replacement or cleaning has been performed, contact your service representative. Replacing The Staple Cartridge saddle Stitcher Sd When replacing the staple cartridge, be sure to check that the message is displayed.

Quality tab Macintosh OS X driver: Registering The Program Destination Scanning settings, transmission settings and destination can be registered with a single button. We appreciate your understanding that printed images may infrequently have some noise or image data may not be stored under certain circumstances due to this forgery prevention function. The preview image check function is available only when a hard disk is installed.

After the last page has been scanned, press [Finish], and then press the [Start] key.