You may not be able to play these CDs on your computer. Replacing The System Battery For more stability, place your computer on its side. Internet ISP connection and close your browser, then reconnect and open the browser. To mute the volume, click click it again. Checking Out Your Computer

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You will reconnect the cables after you install the new board.

Emachines w5243 program uses different function keys for different purposes. Reinstall any expansion cards you removed emachines w5243. To turn off your computer: Manually creating a restore point To emachines w5243 create a restore point: Emacihnes space information appears.

Setting Up and Getting Started Working safely and comfortably Before using your computer, follow these general guidelines for setting up a safe and comfortable work area and avoiding discomfort and strain: Legal Notices Always follow these instructions to help guard against personal injury and damage to your eMachines system.

To mute the volume, click emachjnes it again.

EMachines T3646 Reference Manual

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Replacement parts and accessories Use only replacement parts q5243 accessories recommended by eMachines.

Emachines Contact Information, Emachines w5243 Certificate Of Authenticity The label on the top of your computer contains information that identifies your computer model emachines w5243 serial number. A confirmation message box appears.

You can label each cable with tape to make it easier to re-connect them later. To create discs for recovering pre-installed software and drivers: Page 62 Chapter 4: Replacing The Media Panel Chapter 4: Help For more information about changing the screen resolution, click Start, then click Help and Support.

Environmental Information Due to continuing system improvements, Gateway is not responsible for inaccurate emachines w5243 which may appear in this manual. Setting Up and Getting Started Installing a printer, scanner, or other device Important Before you install a printer, scanner, or other peripheral device, see emachines w5243 device documentation and installation instructions. The label on the side of your computer case contains information that identifies your computer model and serial number.

Upgrading Your Computer Removing the front bezel To emachines w5243 the front bezel: Table Of Contents Sound Expansion Cards, File Management If the Emachines w5243 Bin was emptied before you try to restore a file, the file cannot be restored.

Playing Discs Chapter 3: Loading an optical disc To insert an optical disc: Checking Hard Drive Space Chapter 5: External Television Antenna Grounding, Lightning Protection If an emachines w5243 antenna or cable system is to be connected to your eMachines PC, make sure that emachines w5243 antenna or cable system is electrically grounded to provide some protection against voltage surges and static charges. Warning Make e5243 that you are correctly grounded before accessing internal components.

For all other computer information, see your online Emachines w5243 Guide. Backing Up Files Chapter 5: To view Media Center troubleshooting information that is not covered in this section, go to the eMachines support Web Site at www. Table Of Contents Memory card types Loosen the four captive screws that secure the heat sink and fan assembly to the system board, then remove the emachines w5243 and place it on a stable surface with the flat surface of the heat sink the side with the thermal grease up.

Maintaining Your Computer Click Defragment now. More Recovering system to factory condition. Page replacing See also optical drive troubleshooting cellular phone memory cards Certificate of Authenticity cleaning audio CD case computer screen keyboard LCD panel mouse screen cleaning CRT screen clicking closing computer case front bezel unresponsive program color panel replacing CompactFlash configuring audio jacks speakers connecting In many cases, additional product information and emachines w5243 documentation for eMachines-supplied hardware can be found in our Web site’s Documentation Library.

The Search Results window opens. Emachines w5243 the hard drive cage from the computer. Upgrading Your Computer Preventing static emachines w5243 discharge Warning To avoid exposure to dangerous electrical voltages and moving parts, turn off your computer and unplug the power cord and modem and network cables before opening the case.

Checking Out Emachines w5243 Computer Caring For Your Computer Do not block the ventilation fan slots. The battery pops out of the socket. Click the Diagnostic tab, then click Query Modem. Memory Stick microphone jack Microsoft Certificate emachines w5243 Authenticity model number modem cable www.

If you still get the error, your ISP may be having technical difficulties.


Page 16 Chapter 2: Caution To prepare emachines w5243 computer for additional system recovery options, you should create a set of software and driver recovery discs as soon as possible.

Warning Never open your computer case while your computer is turned on and while emachines w5243 modem emahcines, network cable, and power cord are connected. Disconnect your computer from the network. Page 39 – Chapter 4: E5243 add replace an optical drive: For more stability, place your computer on its side.

Page static electricity surge protector system battery replacing system board replacing system identification label Task Schdeuler techinal emachines w5243 Support technical support tips before contacting telephone jack telephone support transferring files from old computer settings from old computer troubleshooting add-in cards audio cable modem cards CD drive On the left side of the window, click Create emachines w5243 restore point or change settings, then click Next.

Click Maintenance, then click Backup and Restore Emachies.