Did you test the laptop with an external monitor? The power boards are interchangeable so to get what you need you’ll have to disassemble the laptop enough to determine which jack to buy or buy both to cover it. Test the AC adapter first. Can not power on. Please, give your suggestion? Could somebody help me?

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Soon after that i tried to put things back toshiba satellite a135-s7404, but I can only get a power blink once every time I press the power button. Try reseating both modules. Because of that the CPU generates more heat and slows down. This could be memory related failure. It is totaly dead….

Can I reset or flash the bios some way if the motherboard is not dead. They said i should not have installed Windows 7 toshiba satellite a135-s7404 all.

Sorry for these noob questions but I really need to fix it. Giving you only toshiba satellite a135-s7404 that when I press the on button on my Inspiron E, which is attached to the wall even or running on battery, the LED lights go on screen is black. The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby satellitee, or in hibernation mode.

Thank you thank you! I replaced both the battery and the power supply.

The weirdest thing is that sometimes it does not happen, it stays on forever. When toshiba satellite a135-s7404 switch on my laptop led blinks for 5sec and there will be sudden shut down i tried by reinstalling hard drive and ram but no tsohiba please tell me what to do next. My laptop toshiba satellite a135-s7404 light comes on for about 3 seconds then off.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

I do not know what it could be. In most modern laptops the video card is integrated into the motherboard and cannot be replaced. You need only motherboard, CPU with heat sink toshiba satellite a135-s7404 fan and memory. Satelliet when you plug the AC adapter, the CPU starts running full speed instead of lower speed for the toshiba satellite a135-s7404 mode.

On the bottom of the laptop should be RAM cover. Just wanna know, if toshiba satellite a135-s7404 motherboard problem, what should i do? I have Toshiba A laptop, it has suddenly stopped working, the power n charging led come up when i power on the laptop the cpu cooling fan spins and stops in few seconds and no display comes on.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

toshiba satellite a135-s7404 F2 key method Turn the computer on. The Setup screen will appear. I get NO lights at all ,no fannot a thing — except for a very feint, very high pitched a135-d7404 coming from the centre of the motherboard.

Also, check the BIOS settings. Then it finally stopped coming on altogether, when i push the on button the led lights up for about a second then goes off, but there is no sound, no fan spinning or anything else, just the power on led for a second then off. Lets get back to the main problem, toshiba satellite a135-s7404 your laptop does not turn at all, and you have cheked the power jack allready, check the fuses on the board beside the powerjack, always check those with the buzzer on the multimeter, Toshiba satellite a135-s7404 the buzzer does not beep across the fuze that means….

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot. | Laptop Repair

Is there a micro switch or sensor that could be suspect? My test backlight was toshiba satellite a135-s7404 glowing on one end and the inverter was buzzing. Toshiba satellite a135-s7404 removing memory modules one by one. Other laptops may use different key combinations. I would like to thank cj who changed everything for me!!

After visiting your site i have very good confidence in me. Test your laptop with only one memory module installed. Maybe it has a bad sector somewhere at the beginning, where all boot files are located. Re-plugged in the laptop…. CPU with the cooling module.

Disconnect LCD toshiba satellite a135-s7404 from the motherboard and test your laptop with an external monitor. Could be loose connection somewhere inside the laptop. Upward pressure on the dc jack enable it to boot normally. Also, try turning on the laptop with an external monitor while toshiba satellite a135-s7404 video cable is unplugged from the satelkite.

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