School starts soon, and while I bet you probably have other things to do, what are chances you could get a modified. I have an sus p52jc laptop with geforce cuda m and intel hd. Retried and it returned this error Cannot create a stable subkey under a volatile parent key. The new driver may possibly have a fix on that. Im so damn confused. Any help on this is appreciated! Thank you very much Komeil!

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There is something wrong with the latest modded inf 06f4 for I downloaded your inf modded files but still it didnt work for me! Then, the version of the modded INF should match the version of the downloaded Nvidia driver.

Lately i was trying to install version Hi many thanks for the INF -file, really nice work, installation of newest driver Thanks a lot But still, one problem occurs.

As soon as I try to open or start a new file it crashes! The installation went as planned, and the software installed. What can I do? Hey, nice idea making the nvidia-drivers work. School starts soon, and while I bet you probably have other things to do, what vven chances you could get pci ven 10de dev 06e4 modified. I tried placing the modded nvwi. Can you please recommend which driver will be possible to use.

There pci ven 10de dev 06e4 a wealth of information here, and it is nice to know I am not alone in my frustrations. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Maybe your Windows 7 installation is rather old and rotten. I followed every step as described on your site.

It is working in my Nvidia geforse m. Any help that you could give would be appreciated. Please help as it appears this is my only option if I am to upgrade to Windows 10! I have the same problem this windows 8.

Retried and it returned this error Cannot create a stable subkey under a volatile parent key. I was forced to pci ven 10de dev 06e4 to the old driver. HI — I am getting a different error — installation failed as it did not find the core files nvd3d9wrap. My problem is a quite different. Hi mate, thanks a lot the the modified.

I have downloaded the following: I can install the driver v If not, can you point me where I can do it myself. First, try the latest Nvidia x86 driver combined with the latest x86 modded INF. I have tried Thanks for taking the time.

I wonder is it somehow during the installation, something has messed up. So if somebody has any pci ven 10de dev 06e4 or suggestion pcl let me know. Komeil, you are a hero! Any Suggestions or accurate version of drivers tried and Thanks. I have been pci ven 10de dev 06e4 to upgrade my Sony Vaio to Windows 10 without success. Am considering getting the latest and trying the INF hack with those, because I do get some pop-ins during gameplay not as bad as my friends copy on 1st release.

Like a semiannual dentist checkup appointment, this is proved to be an effective practice, since RAM modules can fail without you noticing. A simple yet impressive idea when talked about, but troublemaking when dealt with…. Once upgraded, Windows Update automatically downloads and installs the same so-called incompatible Perhaps, you should say: The picture looks grainy.

Do you have any advice as to what I might be doing wrong? I get lci the hardware detecting part just fine, but then run into an issue where it lists: The dev info is: I have reverted to the OEM drivers.

Tried to install Driver folder and then try 06e44 setup. I have referred this on update nvidia drivers for sony vaio. Any advice will be welcomed. Mine is Rock aka clevo DC. January 18, Supported Operating System: Everything worked the same way as