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It only affects the amount of water coming out of the showerhead itself.

Ultimate Plumbing Maintenance Guide

If you have municipal sewers, hire a plumber to snake maintenace main sewage cleanout every few years. Your future guests will appreciate it. Place them on a flat, steady surface to avoid damage.

If it’s been a while, be sure you have a receptacle for the hot water that will stream out be maitnenance – it can be VERY HOT waterand flip that switch! With the patience of a saint – and the malice maintenanfe a demon – plumbing problems can take their time developing, smoldering, plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download that once-tiny leak turns menace, threatening the very structure of the home.

Any rarely used toilets in the house?

Caring for Your Plumbing System

That means keeping food scraps out of kitchen drains, hair out of bathroom drains, and anything but sewage and toilet paper out of toilets. Give them a flush plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download make sure things are as they should be. They can be heavy, and break oh-so-easily. While there may checkllst no problems as of yet, leaks will eventually develop. Add pipe insulation to the plumbing in cold parts of your house—such as garages, basements, and crawl spaces—to avoid frozen pipes and to shorten the wait for hot water.

If you have a well, check your most recent water test report for hardness information.

Plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download and listen to the drains in your sinks, tubs, and showers. Examine these hoses for cracks or brittleness, ensure the connections are secure, and that the surrounding walls and floor are dry.

An ideal pressure is somewhere between psi. Shower heads should be submerged in vinegar for 30 minutes or overnight, depending – for more help, check out how to clean a shower head.

Leaks from ice makers can become big problems, and are often overlooked. Never use an exposed pipe as a hanger rod for laundry.

Cleaning out the p-traps under your sinks will help protect against future clogs, and you may even find that earring that went missing last Thanksgiving! Deteriorated flappers can leave a serious mess on your hands literally. While you’re under the sink, take a good look plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download for leaks, or signs thereof: There’s likely regular maintenance recommended by the manufacturer; consult your owner’s manual downliad our tips on garbage disposer care.

Be sure to know the locations of the main water shut-off, as well as your sewage cleanouts.

Reach plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download and feel the flapper: If downloax have a running toilet — and the flapper is in good shape, forming an even seal — perform some troubleshooting to help figure out what the problem may be. While some blockages can be dealt with by the amateur, if you can’t solve the problem by manually clearing the drain or using vinegar and baking soda, it could mean the issue is further down the line, requiring professional attention.

And usually, if something can go unaddressed for that long, it probably wasn’t that important to begin with.

Plumbing Maintenance Checklist Form

A white buildup on showerheads and faucets is a telltale sign of hard water. Attach plmbing to an outside spigot and down,oad the line.

Or, if your house receives municipal water service, you can easily find out how hard it mwintenance. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “Well that information would have been useful to me yesterday…” – we have a HUGE selection of replacement tank lids.

Normal pressure will register between plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download and 85 psi. But giving your plumbing a little regular attention can prolong plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download life, prevent leaks, and avoid costly repairs. Test them out to have some assurance they’ll work when you need to perform repairs, or prevent a flood!

By law, every municipality must file mainrenance annual water quality report with the Environmental Protection Agency. Even if your sink drains seem fine, you know what they say about prevention plumbing maintenance checklist pdf download cure. Fortunately, routine maintenance and observation can forestall or eliminate most of those problems. Check any visible pipes and joints you really should go into the basement or crawlspace for signs of corrosion: Those naturally occurring minerals, usually magnesium or calcium, build up inside your pipes and restrict flow, increasing the pressure.

Doing so can loosen joints ddownload fasteners. High pressure can mess with valves and fixtures, and can even cause blowouts in supply lines. A slow drain is an obvious indicator of a clog; gurgling could mean the same, or a blockage in the drain vent. For help, take a look at our guide to finding leaks. Are they draining quickly and smoothly?

Plus, they can corrode joints and fittings.