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One quart of oil consumed in hours of pdd tion at wide-open-throttle especially in a new or rebuilt engine is normal 2. Stop switch Lanyard Clips to the operator Power steering system must be Allow engine to cool down mercruiser 3.0 service manual pdf download removing pres- filled exactly as explained in the following to be sure cap.

Applying a voltage 1.

Disconnect crankcase ventilation hoses. Using the correct size driver, press on inner bearing race until it contacts shoulder of armature shaft.

Normal Condition Few deposits are present and probably will be light tan or gray in color. Remove starter motor as outlined.

Inspect the drive unit anodes and replace if 50 percent eroded. Section 2 – Getting to Know Your Power Package Dual engine applications may have a single integral button to operate both sterndrive units simultaneously or may have separate buttons for each mercruiser 3.0 service manual pdf download unit.

A wire should be inserted into drain holes to ensure that foreign material is not ob- Closed cooling section of closed cooling system structing the drain holes. However, for severe conditions i. Remove primary and condenser lead wires from contact point terminal.

Cold Fouling High Speed Glazing Dry, black deposits mercruiser 3.0 service manual pdf download rich fuel mixture or Insulator has yellowish, varnish-like color, indicating weak ignition.

Install special mounting shim if 5.

Mercruiser Manual documents | PDFs Download

For additional assurance against freezing and rust, after draining, fill the cooling system with propylene glycol mixed to the manufacturer’s recommendation to mercruiser 3.0 service manual pdf download the engine to the lowest temperature to which it pddf be exposed during freezing temperatures or extended storage Battery Storage Whenever the battery will be stored for an extended period of time, be sure the cells are full of water and the battery is fully charged Remove starter mounting bolts.

Support engine with suitable sling through lifting Installation eyes on engine and remove front and rear mercruiser 3.0 service manual pdf download mounting bolts. In consideration downolad these factors, Mercury MerCruiser has adjusted some maintenance intervals manjal the corresponding tasks to be performed.

If fluid is not visible in pump, contact your authorized Mercury MerCruiser dealer.

Remove them from Saved? Connect wires together with screw and hex nut. For best speed and minimum spray, the corner be- Use care during the first 20 hours of operation on new tween the bottom and the transom should be MerCruiser engines or possible engine failure may sharp.

MerCruiser 3.0L TKS Alpha Owner’s Manual

Inspection And Replacement Inspection and Replacement c. Check spark plugs and spark plug Reading should be battery voltage.

Normal point condition is an overall grey color on 3. Camshaft area, center of engine, timed to one 2.

Mercruiser 4 Cyl Service Manual | Gasoline | Internal Combustion Engine

Slip compression ring in cylinder bore, then press pin remover as shown. Idle mixture screws 3. Engine will not start after warm engine shut down 4.

With sterndrive in normal downloda position, open the water source completely.

System should be tested to ensure adequate output. When performing any work where electrical terminals could possibly be grounded or touched by the mechanic, the battery cables should be disconnected at the battery. Most boats are rated and certified for maximum load weight capacities refer to your boat capacity plate. Page Torque Specifications The rectifier bridge contains six diodes which are ar- ranged so that current flows from ground, through the stator and to the output terminal, but not in the oppo- Fastener Location Lb Mercruiser 3.0 service manual pdf download.

Worn piston rings, cylinder walls, valve guides or valve stem seals are causes of oil entering the combustion chamber. Without removing the gauging that there is no excessive drag.

Check and reset the circuit breaker or replace fuse. Momentarily touch a jumper lead from solenoid equipped between starter motor and engine motor to starter motor frame.