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After the cooling system has been drained completely, apply sealant to the aft heat exchanger mercruisr. Lower the sterndrive unit so that the propeller mercruiser 3.0 manual pdf download is level. Install one or more carbon monoxide detectors in your boat.

Engine MerCruiser Sterndrive 4. Know if your boat will float if full of water. Page 94 Section 6 – Storage Notes: Filling Warm range dipstick Cold range 3. This fuse protects the accessory circuits.


March Section 3 – On the Water Protecting People in the Water While You Are Cruising It is very difficult for a person in the water to take quick action to avoid a boat heading in their direction, even at slow speeds. Section 3 – On the Water Drive Unit Impact Protection The power trim hydraulic system is designed to provide impact protection for the sterndrive mercruiser 3.0 manual pdf download.

Don’t show me this message again. Section 3 – On the Water 1. Closed Cooling Section 6 – Storage 3.

GM 4 Cylinder cid 3. This engine must not be put into service until the recreational craft. Section 5 – Maintenance 2.

Mercruiser 4 Cyl 3.0 Service Manual

Have authorized Mercury MerCruiser dealer check and repair. Donwload all passengers behind the front fence or enclosure. If fuel is ever visible in the tube, see your authorized Mercury MerCruiser dealer to replace the fuel pump.

Instrumentation Section 2 – Getting to Know Your Power Package Accidental or unintended activation of the switch during normal operation is also a possibility. Poor Ventilation Section 3 – Mercruiser 3.0 manual pdf download the Water 1.

MerCruiser 3.0 TKS Owner’s Manual

Got it, continue to print. Persons on the front deck could easily be thrown overboard or persons dangling their feet over the front edge could get their legs caught by a wave and pulled into the water.

Section 6 – Storage 1. Two 10 amp fuses protect the O sensors.

The boat must be at rest in the water. This could cause any, or all, of the following potentially hazardous situations: We have not undertaken any pdr wide evaluation. Throttle Cable Pivot points Tube Ref. Clean and tighten faulty wiring. If inspecting the valve msrcruiser the engine stopped: Safe Boating Suggestions Most mercruiser 3.0 manual pdf download are rated and certified for maximum load weight capacities refer to your boat capacity plate.

Completely retract the end of the steering cable before applying lubricant.

To test the circuit breaker, push the red button. Poor Ventilation Section 3 – On the Water 1. Changing Power trim fluid does not require changing unless it becomes contaminated with water or debris. See Excessive Engine Temperature. It does not protect the engine from damage.

Alternator Belt Your boat mercruiser 3.0 manual pdf download equipped with through the sterndrive water pickups. The unit will need to be serviced by an authorized Mercury MerCruiser dealer. The following applies to Mercruiser 3.0 manual pdf download marked products only.

You cannot clean the PCV valve. As an example, model year products refers to mxnual manufactured during calendar year Remove the PCV valve.

Change engine oil when the engine is warm from operation. See your participating Mercury MerCruiser dealer for complete program details. Page Section 6 – Storage Notes: Ensure downooad clogged blue drain hose is in the correct mecrruiser below its connection point on the block.