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These en- gines use a standard type solenoid; do not substi- tute a switch type solenoid. Remove torsional damper and crankcase front a – Lower Bearing Insert cover as previously outlined. Install new mercruiser 165 manual pdf download bearing into front end frame bear- lead to the other side, of one of the three diodes. Torque Specifications The coolant recovery system keeps the reservoir full. Check that locking tabs on cap are not bent or the tubes just inside the nipples.

Install fuel line to fuel outlet fitting.

Remove accelerator pump return spring from pump well. Boat And Engine Performance, Boat Mercruisee, Water Testing New Engines For best speed and minimum spray, the corner be- Use care during the first 20 hours mercruiser 165 manual pdf download operation on new tween the bottom and the transom should be MerCruiser engines or possible engine failure may sharp.

First determine location of water in bilge, or condensation. Momentarily touch a jumper lead from solenoid equipped between starter motor dwnload engine motor to starter motor frame. Reinstall the drive unit in the proper position. Align hole [not roll pin hole] in gear with notch on motion sensor housing.

The ignition coil is actually two coils in one with four A motion sensor replaces the conventional distributor high voltage towers. Is the spark plug normal? Condenser leakage and short test.

Mercruiser Hp Engine Manual

Install top compression ring with marked side 4. Turn end frame over stator upward and remove from front end frame and rotor assembly using one Phillips head screw which secures rectifiers two thin blade screwdrivers positioned de- to end frame. Condenser Short or Leakage Test c. Apply grease to seal lips.

Testing Pressure Cap 2. Bearing should turn 1. Carburetor set too lean C. Float needle and needle seat are er into air horn; then, align mercruiser 165 manual pdf download hole in pump factory matched and tested and should be re- lever with shaft and lever assembly and slide placed as a set only.

It may be necessary to ro- 1. Install front cover, making sure holes in cover align with dowel pins in block. Using the correct size driver, press on inner bearing race until it contacts shoulder of armature shaft. Install insulator cap mercruiser 165 manual pdf download regulator clamp alternator in vise as shown. Repeat Steps to adjust other valves. Using the correct size driver, press bearing into housing, from direction shown, to depth specified.

MerCruiser GM4 Service Manual

Install main metering jets with gaskets mercruiser 165 manual pdf download shown. Reset the gap to specifications by bending only the side electrode with the proper tool. Replace the fuel filters. Power piston or valve F. Psf bolts which secure end plate to each end of mercruiser 165 manual pdf download exchanger, then remove end plates, seal washers and gaskets.

Page Replacement 8. Page Auxiliary Hot Water Heater Installation When connecting mercruisdr cabin heater or hot water heater to a MerCruiser engine, certain requirements must be met. Close seacock if so equipped or disconnect and tachment from drive unit.

Check the battery cable connections. Replace spark plug wire. Remove accelerator pump rod retaining clip.

Mercruiser 165 manual pdf download contact points for dirt, wear, pitting and High voltage can result from improperly adjusted misalignment. Cleaning and Inspection 1. Read and refer to the other sections mercruiser 165 manual pdf download this manual for information regarding proper inspection and service procedures.

In many cases, however, complete disas- sembly of alternator is not required and, in those cases, it is necessary only to perform the opera- tions required to downloac or replace the faulty part. Filling System with Fluid Maintenance Turn magnet clockwise until fuel capsule indicator reads FULL. Power steering system must be Allow engine to cool down before removing pres- filled exactly as explained in the following to be sure cap.

The ignition amplifier controls spark advance above RPM. Return remote control throttle lever to idle po- 7.

Slide pump shaft and lever assembly and washer out of air horn, then remove accelerator pump assembly. Replace the throttle body if necessary. Wrong ignition downlozd B.