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Merging Datasets with removing duplicates.

Mainframe Forums

Removing leading spaces from veriable. Numeric check for Alphanumeric variable. Two different record length files. How to check constraints for DB2 table in mainframe.

How do dpf make your BMS maps case sensitive? Mass delete using cursors. A Really Nice One. Difference between sysprint, sysout. How can i attach my sig? Compile error Cobol using copy dv2.

How to check the date of data load mainframe db2 pdf download a Table. Recently faced mainframe cobol Interview Questions. Control flow mainframe db2 pdf download one STEP to another.

JCL to pass string greater than How to concatenate records from two ps into one ps? How to write sort card? Need sort to compare 2 datasets. This data is based on users active over the past five minutes. To compare two files SSN fields. Sat Jan 27, 1: Programmers Voted for below topics. Put paragraph name into a mainframe db2 pdf download.

VSAM File status Reformatting and calculating time and date values. Replacing characters Using JCL. SORT verb – help.

How can a JES3 operator command be entered through the job. OPCA long running jobs.

Thu Jan 01, 5: Comp-3 variables to Comp variables. Comapare Two Records in the same File. Sort Format Comma separated values.

DB2 TUTORIAL – COBOL DB2 Application Programming – DB2 Interview Questions

SOC 7 abend – interview question. Comparing Date with current date. Editing a Copybook – How to? How do you retrieve the data from a nullable column? Redefine with occur clause.

Comparing 2 files based on Acct number without using tables. Join on keys and replace when matched.

Is it possible to get last modified date of PDS members Basic material for Pdc. SORT – Ifthen, when group question. Help required for a sort step.

Thu Feb 01, 2: Ways to merge the parts of different rows in the single row.